Promoting sustainable

smallholder farming and international knowledge exchange in West Africa

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Kumba Tekuyama


In September 2016 Farm & Culture e. V. was founded in Mustin, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.


Farm & Culture e. V. focusses on the support of sustainable agriculture and nutrition through  knowledge exchange as well as education support for vulnerable children.


While helping with agricultural projects in Sierra Leone, Senegal and South Africa we were able to learn about the agricultural situation, especially about the ecological and social aspects of it. We were able to explore the structures, methods of smallholder farming and ist role in society.


In 2017 the first project in Sierra Leone got started. From that day on we were highly motivated to continue this work to reach our goals.


Current Projects

Back to School-Program Sierra Leone


Farm & Culture e. V. was supporting the Back to School-Program in Kono, Sierra Leone for the first time in 2017. The program aims on the support of education for vulnerable children who were suffering from Ebola. Sierra Leone was highly affected by the Ebola epidemic. Because of security reasons schools were closed to avoid further infection. Beginning of 2016 after the epidemic was officially declared to be over by the WHO, class started again. Farm & Culture e. V. supports orphants and survivor kids through financial help for school fees and learning materials as well as a regular check on the children at school. The initiative is supposed  to offer long-term support and we are happy and thankful to see it gaining  growing interest of donors.


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Organic farming



We have been to Senegal first in 2016. In Thies we met numerous supporters of sustainable agriculture. Since then we keep exchanging knowledge about organic farming in Westafrica. Because of the vulnerability of many agricultural sites, we put special focus on integrated farming methods.

A group of farmers is working on the development of a demonstration farm to teach the production of divers local products for self-supply and also for selling. The goal of this project is to raise and strengthen the awareness of local production and various nutrition. Sharing knowledge we would like to contribute to the empowerment of smallholder farming.

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Farmer Workshops

Sierra Leone


In 2017 Farm & Culture started to support sustainable smallholder farming in Sierra Leone. Farmer Workshops about organic farming, social and economical aspects of agricultural production have been organized focussing on farmer cooperatives.

The role of agriculture is very important in the Sierra Leonean society. Especially smallholder farming is the basis of food production in the country. Traditional farming methods are often closely related to integrated farming systems. Because of the increasing import of agricultural products and decreasing numbers of young people who like to work as farmers, the situation of smallholder farmers becomes more and more difficult.


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